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Calculating the Equation of Time and the Sun's Position.
Below is a set of routines written in the Python that -using non-sophisticated astronomy- will calulate all manner of solar parameters, such as RA, Declination, EoT, Altitude, Azimuth and many others.
The routines give results to a far high degree of accuracy than is required by most gnomonists.
Python code is easy to read and fun to write. Python implementations are available on every type of platform and these are blindingly fast.
The background to all these calculations can be found here
Basic Solar Positional Astronomy
Microsoft Excel Macros to accompany Part 3 of the above document
If you have an Appple computer and install the free "Nodebox" version 1.9.7 (see, you can download two further files...
Sun Rises and Sets by
Annual Solar

These used in combination with will produce nice graphical output such as Sun Rises and Sets by Latitude.pdf and Annual Solar Altitudes.pdf

Examples to show how modern graphics programs can produce exact sundial designs...
A 'standard' horizontal dial with the Equation of Time in 'Flame' representation - a .pdf file
A mean time horizontal dial - a .pdf file
and the Nodebox 1.9.7 python code - Horizontal Dial with &

An Intrinsic Representation of the Equation of Time - 2014-2017 - a .pdf file.
This example is for Greenwich - contact me ( for a version for your own locality
and the Nodebox 1.9.7 python code - Flame

2014 Star Almanac for Land Surveyors - Sun Section Polynomials & Flame EoT Generation in Excel - an .xls file
This contains the Declination & EoT polynominals for 2010-2014 - very accurate. Alter your location of the "Calc Chart" sheet to get the modified Bury EoT for your location
You may neeed to know a bit about Microsoft Excel to get the most out of this spreadsheet

A movie showing the Equation of Time on a 'real' Sundial. - 2.8 Mbyte - QuickTime Movie
It shows a horizontal dial at 1.30 pm mean time every day of the year in a wonderful location where the sun shines every day in the afternoon ...
The Google Sketchup file from which the movie was made - no use to you unless you have a copy of Sketchup (which is free to download!)
For some odd reason when downloading this file, my browser changes its name from Horizontal Dial.skp to Horizontal Dial.skp.txt
Edit the .txt out, in order to read the file with Sketchup

Equation of Time Movie - HUGE 550 MByte - QuickTime Movie
Do not think of clicking this unless you have both broadband & time to wait!
Make sure your Loudspeaker is turned on. The first part of the movie is sound only and no picture.

Equation of Time Movie - LARGE 110 MByte - DivX Movie
This is the same movie as above but compressed, which means you will need a DivX reader on your computer
Make sure your Loudspeaker is turned on. The first part of the movie is sound only and no picture.

Your computer probably has a QuickTime Movie Viewer - if not, you can download from Apple
Your computer probably has a Pdf file reader (Acrobat Reader) - if not, you can download from Adobe
Your computer probably does NOT has a DivX Reader - you can get a free download from DivX